So tonight was the first night I began to think to myself that this was losing something.   I was struggling with finding people and it was becoming an uncomfortable work.  Then it came to me, why do I feel like I only need to pray for strangers?  What about friends and co-workers and such?  Are they less worthy because they know the Lord or that I know them?  Not at all!  What am I thinking?!  Granted, my co-workers are few but I also have friends I can call.  And neighbors I can visit.  Certainly some of them have something I could pray for.  Most people have something amiss in their body.   I don’t need for them to show some sign of lameness.  I can just ask.

My goal has been to practice obedience and to see God love on people through healing.  I don’t want to rule out the stranger on the street and do want to be led of the Lord, but my focus has been too narrow.  Does not the Lord want to love on everyone?  It takes more of the pressure off and maybe I can get the fun back, because it would still be great fun if God healed somebody, Christian or not.  And I still believe He likes to love on people this way.  I feel like a burden has been removed.  What a learning process!  So good though.  So very good.  I’m learning a lot.