The house will soon be full later today to the experiment will end.  It’s been so good in many ways.  One thing I have really felt this week was the words “cultivate happy.”  So I want to do that.

And with reading books I still know that the Lord has said not to do so.  But TV will be a household thing.  What I have realized though is that before I watch something, I want to ask, is this cultivating “happy”?  Or am I just bored or doing something out of habit. 

On a side note, this week I went to the elders of the church and had them anoint me with oil and pray.  The last 2 days I’ve actually been running at about 60% strength.  That’s a significant improvement over the 20-30% I have been trying to live on.  I will take it and pray and hope for much, much more.   Hope that health will become normal again.