“The Joy of the Lord is our strength.”  Felt this was a Scripture the Lord kept bring to mind.  I am in a desperate place for strength right now and part of the solution is to be a joy seeker.  I was reminder earlier this week that he provides us with everything “for our enjoyment.”

And I think this is reflective of life.  Parents I think are happy when their kids are doing things that make them happy (things in the Lord, as opposed to immorality).  We enjoy a cat or a dog because it makes us happy when we see them happy (they wag their tail, play wildly, or purr appreciatively).  And I happen to think God is most pleased when he sees us having fun and happy. 

So what do I do that makes me happy?  As I was thinking through this the Lord said to go watch TV now.  Really?  So I did and I watched 2 shows, American Ninja Warrior and America’s Got Talent.  I really enjoyed it because I am gunning for an American to finally beat the Ninja course and I enjoy the talent on the shows.  I wasn’t watching something because I was bored, because it was a habit, because of anything other than the Lord wanted to give me some enjoyment.

Now I’ve tried to think of other things that bring enjoyment.  It’s harder than I thought.