I was trying to think of what I was going to write because first of all I didn’t find anyone to pray for.  Not that I wasn’t around people.  I went shopping once again.  I decided that this would have to be the last time though because I keep finding stuff to buy and I need to stop!  I can’t afford “shopping.”   I think I’m just going to have to find people in the normal course of my day.

Secondly, how do I explain that this process doesn’t even remotely feel like a “fail” if I can’t find someone on any given day?   I’m keeping my eyes open to people’s needs and my ears open to the Lord much more attentively.  I’ve also prayed for more sick people in these last 6 days than I have in, oh, a VERY long time.  (I typically pray for sick folks when they ask but that’s about it, no intentionality on my part).  So all things considered, these last few days have been a success.  The bottom line is that this is an exercise in obedience and exercise takes repetition and intentionality.  So in 6 days I think already my spiritual muscle tone is just a little bit nicer and less flabby.  I’ll take it.  (Now if some of that flab would just come off my waist I would take that too!).

So that’s what I wanted to say when I found myself at the grocery store this evening and I still didn’t find anyone to pray for.  Granted I saw some folks in scooters but that was a little weird to think of how to approach them.   I didn’t want to freak people out.  Then I came home from shopping and someone was at the house.  So we talked for a bit.  While talking I thought that they appeared perfectly healthy.  But why not give it a try?  So I just told her bluntly, “This is going to sound strange but do you have anything going wrong in your body?  Because I’m trying to pray for people once a day to be healed and I haven’t found anyone today.”

“Actually, yes,” she replied.  She has been going quietly to doctors the last several months and has not had any help.

“Yeah!  A sick person!”

Maybe I shouldn’t have verbalized that but I did.  Not that I want to see anyone sick but for the sake of this journey it’s nice to find someone.  So yet again I had a great opportunity to pray for someone.  And all the time she was right there.    I didn’t find anyone, but he brought someone to me.  Thanks again God.

Lesson in process:  Ask.  You just never know.  Your answer and theirs might be right in front of both your faces.