I wasn’t nearly so exhausted today and had a little energy so after work I went searching, more specifically “treasure hunting.”  It’s a form of evangelism where you ask the Lord for clues to a person and then you go find them.  I’ve done this before with a friend and it was SO fun to pray and then go find the answer.  So I decided to try that tonight.  It was kind of an experiment too as I believe that this form of evangelism and prayer seems to work better when in twos or more.

One of the clues I thought I had received was “Target.”  So I went to the Target store and shopped around as I looked for someone to match my descriptive clues.  I looked and looked with no fruit.  Then I went to the mall and looked.  Nothing there.  Back to Target again, nothing.  (I did spend $35 which was NOT in the plan, however).  Bottom line is that tonight I tried to find someone to pray for but came up empty.

One thing I’m learning though is to press into the Lord for leading.  It’s attuning my spiritual ears to His voice more clearly and if I get it wrong like I did tonight, that is a learning experience that helps distinguish His voice from my thoughts.  Tonight, they were seemingly my thoughts.

Secondly I have to concur with my original belief that it appears the Lord tends to bless going out in pairs.  And I just don’t have another person right now who is free to with me. 

I’m not disappointed.  But I’m wondering how this experiment will pan out.  Mainly because even as I walked the mall tonight I couldn’t find obvious sick people.  This is actually harder than anticipated but I’m on a journey and I still believe it is a good one.