A lost wallet.  That’s what they said that ruined their vacation.  It was 3 adults, 4 teens and a toddler.  They were at the Wal-mart tonight panhandling trying to get enough gas money to get back to Ohio.  From the looks of it they were getting enough although the man thought he had far less.  I don’t know.  It’s not my business to know.  It’s my business to love.  And love meant talking to them and not just giving them a drive-by offering out the window.  Love also meant giving–a Wal-mart gift card that they could use for gas, food, or whatever but not an illegal substance.  As I was leaving I remembered this was Day 40 so I took a moment to pray for them.  They really didn’t need healing that I could see.  Just money on a sweaty hot day.  It might not have been a glorious end with a story of healing, but maybe it was a better ending for a family trying to get to the place called home.