I just ended a conversation with a friend who always has stories of how the Lord has miraculously provided.  Such extraordinary provision that the Lord’s loving her reminds me of how much He’s also loving me. This good Brit has taught me so much by her being loved by Him.  Just amazing.

All day today I was so tired I couldn’t move.  I have been working 11 days straight now with 1 to go and I’ve had no energy.  Honestly I really didn’t care whether I prayed for someone or not.  I met a lady earlier today with shoulder issues but felt the Lord say it wasn’t her.  Then I went shopping for some animal food and saw a man with an oxygen tank coming in the door as I was going out, but I wasn’t feeling it for him either.  I went and visited my friend in a wheelchair who got her service dog today and thought I’d pray for her, but that didn’t happen.  She had a guest and even though I know the guy I just wasn’t feeling right about it.  I came home still in a catatonic state of exhaustion deciding that I wasn’t going to leave the house any more tonight.  That’s when I remembered my friend who had just come out of the hospital.  I tried to call but no answer.  Then I saw on Facebook that she was feeling very much better.  I had just read in Luke that Jesus “healed those who needed healing.”  She didn’t seem to need it.  After that I scanned Facebook to see if any of my friends reported feeling bad.  Everyone was happy and healthy.   I’m glad for that but it lead me to the conclusion that today was just going to have to be a “grace” day on this 40 day journey.

But then she called.  My friend who had just come out of the hospital that I mentioned above.  She had been on the phone with someone else when I called so after she was done she returned my call.  In the midst of her encouraging me with her always and ever amazing stories of God’s provision, she happened to mention that although she had been feeling better, tonight she was experiencing an episode of shortness of breath that was a concern to her, especially as she was wanting a good night’s sleep.   After a wonderful talk of sharing stories of God’s greatness I had the honor and privilege of praying for her.  I told her that since I couldn’t lay hands on her and pray for her that she would have to do that herself.  🙂  I will ask later how she is feeling.

After a day of feeling unable to do much of anything but stare off into space, I now feel a little more renewed at experiencing God’s amazing provision.  Yet again God has come through when I felt there was surely no one out there that could be found who needed prayer, especially late at night.  This has been interesting.  Could it be that God is taking me to the end of my resources each time so He can show me His resources?