Encouraged.  That’s what it felt like when I read my friend’s blog today www.gowinfamily.com.  She almost died giving birth to her first.  She said this of her experience:

“One night, in the middle of the night I was awake—inevitably, since the blood pressure cuff squeezed my arm every 15 minutes.  I suddenly had this vision of angels over me in my hospital room and God saying to me, “You are going to be OK.  There are many people praying for you.” “

It’s hard for met to reconcile in this experiment that prayers can be effective through the laying on of hands as well as praying for them long-distance.  I think of some of the people I’ve prayed for on the list and they have gotten better.  Would they have improved without people praying?  We’ll never know.  But posts like the one above encourage me.

So tonight I will spend praying for my family.  I don’t do this often enough.  They really and truly need prayers, and healing in different ways that they may or may not see.  And perhaps they too will be  touched by the Lord as did my friend Suzanne.