The Scripture talks about the laying on hands of healing, but how about the laying on of feet?  I went to Joplin, MO to visit friends and decided that I would pray for the healing of the city.   And somehow praying onsite for insight felt very much like the laying on of hands.  And I can assure you this city still needs healing on this one year anniversary of the tornado.  The pain is still raw.

What I didn’t know is that God would connect my mom and I with others to pray for Joplin.  We were sitting at Cunningham Park which has been redone.  It is ironically a beautiful place right next to the devastated hospital.  It was weird to sit in beauty and look at destruction, to feel peace and look at despair.

As we were sitting there the most lovely couple approached us and began to talk.  It quickly became apparent that they too were lovers of Jesus.   He was a “musicianary” who will be singing at Tuesday’s memorial event.  Unfortunately we weren’t going to be able to be there as my mom and I had jobs to return to.  But his wife (bless her) asked her husband to go get his guitar and sing for us.  How beautiful it was to hear this man’s voice singing healing over Joplin.  His song has become well-known in the Joplin area and is entitled “Sing Again,” written specifically for Joplin.  There we were on a beautiful Saturday evening getting a private concert from this precious brother and sister in Christ.

After he sang a few songs for us we gathered together to pray healing for the city and for blessing over each other.  It just reminded me that heaven on earth is the bride of Christ, and oh how beautiful she really is! 

I would like you to take a minute and join me in praying over Joplin that she would sing again, just like Mark’s song that he sung to us that night (and by the way, please check out his website Mark LaPrele and get some of his music!). 

“Sing Again” by Mark LaPerle whom we met in Cunningham park.

 St. John’s hospital one year later.
“The Miracle of the Human Spirit” dedicated to the volunteers of Joplin.

“He will be the stability of your times.”  (Isaiah 33:6)