I’ve had such breakthrough that I’m just in a place of joy this morning!  We had one of our staff circle meetings where we celebrated blessing but then spoke out our needs.  That was hard to do but I spoke out my desperate need for some shoes.  Mine were ripping me feet to shreds and replacement was a difficult financial question.

Through some unexpected intervention I was able to get some shoes.  Then I was able to use some of the extra finances to bless and take care of someone in their difficult hour.  Considering how much I was blessed on my recent trip home, this was a no brainer and a great joy!  (Who knew that a random staying overnight at a family’s house would allow me a clearer picture to love on someone else?!)

Then I received my tax refund back which was larger than I thought!

Then I found $6 on the road.  

Then I received news that my health insurance would be supported!

I had spent all last night thinking the time had come to upgrade my phone (it’s countless years old) but I was wrestling with the 2 year contract and cost.  With my health insurance supported, I can now use that to take care of my phone costs!

Wowsers!  And here 2 days ago I was wondering if I would be the one to get the “miracle.”

He is Good!  Time to share the goodness.

Let’s keep praise on my tongue all day!  (But just in case the band is now on my wrist.)


I had less switches today but then again I started off with lots of good things happening.  I did catch myself once or twice before words were spoken and I realized without even trying my mind was trying to take righteous perspective on things and not just complaining.  Need this to be more of a habit.