It’s amazing when you feel better how much better life goes.  Through this process of poor health I’m gaining a great deal of compassion for others who don’t feel well in addition to seeing how valuable the ministry of healing can be.  I long to pray for others and see more healings.

In the meantime, today was also easier to stay away from TV, reading and such.  I did have a few moments where I wanted to flip the TV on but since I was feeling better I opened my Bible.  And what a rich study it turned out to be.  I’m going slowly through Luke, memorizing the other half as well as doing more in depth study.  I’m just now getting to Chapter 5 after how many weeks?  Been so rich though.  Highly recommend it.

I think it’s also been good for my spirit to not have the “other voices” of life bouncing in my head.  Just me, the outdoors and a Bible.

What I learned today was that conditioning can be altered pretty quickly if we are willing to persevere through the hard days.  This applies to so many arenas of life.  Now if it could only apply to food.  I do have to confess I find myself turning more to junk in these days.  :/

I realized today that it has also been over a month now of not reading any book but the Bible (the TV fast began only 3 days ago).  Interesting as I look over when I did the 40 day challenge of No Books But the Bible.  I’ve had different results.  Since I’ve been on the internet more, I think my spirit isn’t feeling it as much as last time.  And last time it looks like I wasn’t so eager to read other books.  This time I have a long list of what I’d like to read.  Long list.  And I have all the time in the world but not the permission of the Father.   The TV will resume when the fam returns, but the books won’t come back until the Father says so.