On the days I don’t find anyone to pray for it forces me to get creative.  I had just written a post called “harder than I thought” and now am erasing it.  Yes, it is harder than I think, but I have to get outside the box.  My box is something along the lines of ‘laying my hands on the sick and praying for them.’  Ideally that’s what I would like because then maybe I could see if they were healed or not.  But now it’s late and my list has run dry.  But then I remember…

I remember on Facebook the prayer request for Stephen Hinkle, the grandson of someone I know who was in a car accident.  His life is hanging in the balance.  Do I need to be there in person to pray for healing?  Does God heal any less from a distance?  No.

Then I remember John Campbell, another person on Facebook whom a friend is asking for prayer.  He’s got a head injury and his life is hanging in a critical balance.  Do I need to be there in person to pray?  Absolutely not.

When someone I know is sick or when I’m not doing well, do I need to hear their voice or feel their physical touch to be prayed for?  Absolutely not.  Healing is beyond this.  God is beyond this.  I don’t know why that for this experiment I created a box.  But it’s time the box gets smashed.

So tonight John and Stephen will get my prayer time.   May God heal and restore these young men.