Tonight I kind of had an inkling that I might pray for someone but in a different way.  I’m not sure if it was the Lord or not.  I wondered if it would just be a general prayer for sick people I read about.  Or something different.

Then I went on my walk again to continue to collect beer cans alongside the road and I was listening to a podcast on cultural differences.  It is by Sarah Lanier whose book and teaching I think is the best on understanding culture.  A little while later it made me think of one culture in particular that I’ve had a particular difficult time with.  I had a roommate from this country whose attitude and behavior was very offensive to me.  Then I went on a ministry trip with another woman from this same country and we clashed terribly the whole time.  It was this latter person I began to think about.

The reality is that I was a total jerk–arrogant, demanding, caring me for my own desire to be respected than to actually be the one who shows respect.  I was a big part of the problem.  And the cultures clashed too.  It was bad. 

I was thinking of her and also thinking of who to pray for when I thought that healing takes different forms.  In fact, I really believe a lot of sickness is rooted in anger and bitterness of heart.  I wondered if she still feels bitterness towards me?  For me I know that while I don’t feel anger and bitterness, I still don’t have kind thoughts towards this culture.  

So I began to search for her on the internet to see if I could communicate with her.  I found where she lives but there’s no address (unless you want to pay a strong fee).  I found her page on Facebook but she doesn’t seem to check it.  But for now that’s what I decided to do.  I wrote her a note, explained what a jerk I was (not much needing to explain that but confession is good for the soul), and I asked her to forgive me.  I hope she does.  I hope she has healed from that time and season. 

Maybe I didn’t pray for a physical ailment to be healed, but tonight I prayed for someone’s spirit to mend.  I think this too is a part of the healing process.