Someone didn’t come to church yesterday since she was hurting in her body so I gave her a call just now and prayed for her.  About halfway into talking to her a question came to my head.  If I weren’t doing this 40 day challenge would I have called her?  The answer is no.  I would not.  I would have done well just to remember.  And why wouldn’t I have called?  My heart is calloused to people’s illnesses.  I don’t want to invest the time.   I just don’t care all that much.  Ouch.  Yet this is a woman who has helped me in projects more times than I can count.  She truly is a servant of servants.  Even as I write this I ask myself if this will change after I’m done with the 40 days?  Will I still call up sick people and pray?  Will I still take time to take seriously their needs?  Bottom line,  I know I am guilty but will I repent?