Last night when I went to bed I realized in just a short week’s time the intensity of trying to find someone to pray for had overshadowed my focus of praying–to allow God to love on people through me.  Lost perspective is not a good thing, especially when you find yourself just checking off your sheet that you did something.  But today I was a lot more peaceful about things with the renewed perspective from Day 8 in that it is good to pray for those not only outside of your circle but also those on the inside.

Evening came and I was out walking (picking up cans for Bibles and getting some good exercise) and I still hadn’t prayed for anyone.  But you know, I was Ok with that.  And when I began thinking about who to pray for a name came to mind immediately.  It is someone I know who has suffered from heart issues and sleepless nights for as long as I can remember.  So I called him on the phone and was able to pray for him.  I felt like my desire to allow the Lord to love others through me is starting to come back.   I really wanted him to have a peaceful night of rest and I really do hope the Lord touches him.  This feels so much better.   The way of love is the avenue of peace.