By 8:30 am I’ve had to switch the purple rubber band 3 times now.  What I’ve discovered is that while I do not always complain directly, there is a spirit of complaining behind my words and that qualifies for the switch.  For example, this morning episode:

“I have to get up earlier than all my roommates or I won’t be able to get into the bathroom.   It is going to be worse when classes start because then we’ll all get up at the same time.  Not only that but we may be getting 2 more roommates or moving all together.  I hope we don’t move.  But it’s all good because being packed out means growth is happening…”

I was stating facts.  It is true I need to get up very early and that it will be a challenge when classes start.  So much of our complaining is about “telling facts.”  But behind these words were the spirit of complaining.  There goes the purple band.

Complaining is hard to define by words.  It is spirit primarily.

Second half of day was even worse.  Abstaining details that would lead to all out slander, I worked under a volunteer today and when she was not near, needless to say I had to move the purple bracelet countless times.