I have the house to myself (except the guard dog and a handful of kitties) for the next 10 days so I’m embarking on a fast from TV and from books.  Internet is allowed but not to worry because with limited bandwidth even YouTube videos are treats.  And today is the first day. 

And being the first day I’ve felt terrible all day.  No energy.  Pushed it too far yesterday.  And more than anything I want to do nothing and watch brainless TV, as my brain isn’t in a place to think, do or talk to people.  If I’m honest I don’t even feel like reading Scripture or praying, although maybe it would do me good.

But my discovery today is how much we as humans crave story.  TV is story.  Movies are story.  Books are story.  We long for story.  But even more than that we long to be part of one–a story bigger than ourselves.  We long to be an influential player in the story.  People can and do change the world all the time and on large scales.  But most of us wonder how our mark on the world will be made.

So I’m praying today.  And asking God what is my part in His story.