I’ve had continuing education classes all weekend and work during the week and so I wasn’t planning on starting.   But the Lord had other plans.  Two people were prayed for today.   It was a casual quick prayer as they were moving on to other things but it was a start.  I felt the Lord highlighting them and so with that as my leading, I went for it. 

One of my concerns has been finding people with ailments.  On the one hand it seems easy to just waltz through the grocery story and find the folks who are faltering.   But as I was casually grocery shopping the other day I wasn’t seeing the cripples.  So maybe the mall?  Surely there are cripples there.  Or maybe I ask for God to point someone out, sort of like He did today.  That option seems much more pleasant than going “shopping” every day for the next 39 days.
Last night I was encouraged in a conversation with a friend.  Someone in her circle of friends went to an annual exam and was found to have cancer (again).  They prayed for her and when she went in for her second exam, she was cancer free.  Ten years ago I would have chalked it up as a faulty first test.  Except that ten years ago I experienced my own instantaneous, measurable albeit undramatic healing (super-natural does not mean super-freakish-outish).  One instant I was the way I’d been my whole life.  The next instant I was healed.  It ruined my wish-filled, placating prayers.  And it opened my eyes to see Scriptures I’d never seen:

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.  Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus” (Ac 4: 29-30).  

Seriously, where had that one been?  Apostles actually praying for God to give them miracles and healing to accompany and even validate the gospel?   That was NOT how I was raised.  Those things passed away a couple thousand years ago, didn’t they?  At least that was what I thought until God healed me that day and wrecked my safe theology.

Anyway, my friend and I began to talk about how it seems like we are in a season where healing is beginning to occur more frequently in this country, not just on the mission field.  This is encouraging.  Really encouraging.  I’d love to see him break out in miracles that are connected to the preaching the gospel.  And if He is beginning to move in this way, I want to follow His lead into this dance.  It could sure make these 40 days interesting.

I did have a thought to consider:  After I pray for someone, perhaps it would be wise to stop and ask them if they are feeling any change.  If He chooses to do it at a different time, that’s fine but if God heals someone on the spot I want to know!   But if I don’t ask, I won’t know.  Learning experience #1. Day #1.