The Letter to the Galatians

Paul’s First Missionary Journey was a labor of love, but things went sideways quickly. False teachers connected with these new believers and pitted them against Paul. They taught the believers of Galatia a works-based gospel centering around circumcision and not the grace of Christ.

In emergency mode Paul crafts the strongest letter we have ever seen from this Apostle. Using every mode possible to wake them up to the reality, Paul teaches, defends and exhort the gospel of Christ.  Engage in this powerful missive that is a rebuke of love.


Memorize Large Portions of Scripture

Whenever you study the lives of those in the most excruciating circumstances, the memorized Word was one of their most powerful forms of sustenance.  And in the days we live in around the world, it’s more important than ever that we store the Word in our hearts.

In this training, I teach you how I have memorized almost 70 chapters of the Scriptures, including whole books of the Bible.  I offer this traning because when I began the journey, I used methods that were rather ineffective for me.  But now I have the tools that really make memorization and retaining of what I memorize a much easier and very enjoyable process.