I just read a CS Lewis quote, a man whose writings I greatly admire, talk about in terrible times do the things you do without panic.  Don’t give in to fear.  But rather enjoy life.

And while sound advice in the spirit of not letting fear rule, this does not apply right now in the Coronavirus situation.

We may not be in a panic, but there are several thousand who have lost their lives.  But the economic impact will be global.  Many will lose their jobs.  Many will lose their businesses.  Many will not be able to buy food for their families.  MANY.

It’s not about our level of panic or our level of peace (although these do matter), but how can we as a people of faith run to the front lines to alleviate the pandemic suffering?  Pandemic loss of income?  Pandemic loss of finances, jobs, businesses and more?

If you think there isn’t going to be severe economic fallout globally, it’s time to wake up!  The world has just changed.  And this is not our hour to run in fear.   Nor is it an hour to only think of whether we want to panic or chillout.

But it is our hour to run in faith.