I have something to confess.  Last night I made a post asking to donate to a water project for my birthday.  I don’t hesitate asking because I know how dire the need is.  And when I had my first person donate, it brought me to tears.  Still does.   But I have to confess something.  I gave way to fear. 

The reality is that I would like a goal of $5000 as that will fund the entire project.  But I gave way to fear and only put $1000.   I was too afraid no one would give and that the goal couldn’t be met.  Furthermore I’ve struggled with this whole turning this particular number.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because I’m so far from home, family and friends.  🙁  I know it’s not because I feel old or think this number is old.  I don’t.  I really don’t.  Although at times I had hoped/expected to be in a different place in life right now.  But at the same time I’m glad to be re-entering the waters of missions and am looking forward to what is ahead.  And my goodness, I’m in a tropical paradise!  So again, I don’t know why it’s bothering me but it is.  So the thought of going for $5000 is a risk to the heart.   And fear gave way.  So this morning I repented before the Lord and asked for permission for His grace.  I ask the same of you.

This week I heard the expression pertaining to Peter’s walking on water that “I’d rather be a wet water walker than a dry boat talker.”  That’s exactly the way I feel.  So I’m going for it. If I don’t get to the $5k, I’d rather say that I gave it a shot then played my heart safe.  But I need your help.  Will you email this link to 7 friends?  At this point I can’t think of any other way.  Maybe through our connections we can together get this whole community in Africa clean water.   And I just love the thought that we get to see actual pictures of this project.  I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 40 years of my life.

So here’s the link:


So there’s my heart laid out raw before you.

Love to you guys