The Lord was giving the land to the people and said to go take it, but 7 tribes were dragging their feet.  Perhaps they were afraid of the peoples of the land?  It’s uncertain.  But Joshua says this to them:

How long will you delay going out to take possession of the land that the LORD, the God of your fathers, gave you?” (Jos 18:3).

He then commissions the mapmakers, the cartographers, and tells them to go scout out the land and make a map with 7 regions.  They do and they come back where Joshua casts lots, giving them the territory of their new home.  Perhaps knowing where “home” was would spur them to take possession of the land because it was now their responsibility.

For Joshua this must have been an enigma.  They wander 40 years for this amazing moment, and then the tribes sit around.  He has to prod them to take action.  Like trying to lead a bunch of stubborn mules or something.

Sometimes it’s easier to settle than to fight.  But sometimes God wants to go and take what he has given us and not be passive about it.  Passivity will never take us to where we belong.