I read these verses and I’m so far away.  Am I “merciful that I might be shown mercy?”  Uhh….no.  Definitely not.   Gotta work on that one.  Or how about “pure in heart.”  No there too.  Ok, how about “peacemaker?”  I once thought I was until I heard someone define it.  They said that a peacekeeper is one who does anything to keep the peace, but a peacemaker will find the way of peace without compromising truth.  Well, that means I’m out of that one too.   Too many giving ups and giving ins to keep the peace.

So it looks like the only shot I have is if Jesus continues to make me radically different (which he does), or maybe getting my toenails ripped out for Jesus (which doesn’t sound altogether appealing).  I’ll hope for the former.


Mt 5:1-16   (12/23)