Before we jump into the process of memorization we must know the Person that helps us the most—the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is an indispensible help in the process of memorization.   According to Scripture,[1] 
“The Holy Spirit wants to aid you, assist you, help you, guide you, lead you, give you revelation of Scripture, release his gifts through you, give you boldness, teach you, strengthen you, refresh you, empower you, anoint you, protect you, fellowship with you, help you pray, give you rest, give you wisdom, reveal Jesus in your life, be your friend, and comfort you.”
That’s not a small list of the working of the Holy Spirit.  As is summed up in John 14,

“ …the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.
That we would have someone who teaches us, encourages us, reveals to us what we don’t understand and reminds us of truth is valuable beyond our understanding.    The Holy Spirit is right there to help us learn and live the Word.  He wants to be involved on so many different levels.  I’ve personally discovered a couple of profound ways that the Holy Spirit wants to help in this process.
First the Holy Spirit wants to help us understand the Scriptures.  When you begin to memorize and meditate on the Bible, you will discover that there are verses that you have skimmed over in the past and when you slow down, you realize you haven’t fully understand them. 
I often ask for understanding when looking at Scripture and the Holy Spirit delivers.  How he delivers is almost like Hebrews 1:1 says, “at many times and in various ways.”   There are times when the Spirit will just drop the understanding into my heart and what was confusing is now made clear.  Other times I will hear a sermon message and it explains the very thing I prayed to understand or will be reading a book and someone will shed light on the Scripture I was uncertain about.  Many times it comes through study.  The explanation from the Holy Spirit often doesn’t happen immediately but it does come.  God is faithful to help us understand the Scriptures.  He longs to give us that revelation and to be a part of the process.  Will you let him join you?
A second way that I have found that he comes to my aid is through helping to remind me of Scriptures.  It’s not a reminding in the sense that he gives me the word by word download (although I’m sure at times he helps in that way too), but more that he reminds me of the truth so that I know to live it.  And this is the goal of memorization, that we not just know but that we live the truth of God’s Word.
It’s tempting when we jump into the process of memorization to dive into the goal first.  But we must take time in prayer and ask God’s assistance.  Our God wants to help us to hide His Word into our hearts.

[1] Amy Sollars, www.amysollars.com.  “The Holy Spirit.”