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The Book Luke

Right now I’m working on memorizing the book of Luke.   Here’s the process we go through:1)  Textual analysis–Know who is speaking, why, what time, season, location, where people are at in the...

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Surprised by Grace

It’s a time of review when we look back over the year and it was interesting comparing this year’s memorization progress to last.  Last year I dug in hard as you can see from the posts, blazing through Matthew...

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The Grace of Gears

Life has seasons and it also has gears. One thing that has helped in this journey of memorization is knowing that it is Ok to have those gears, as long as we understand what is and what is not a gear. Prayer and the meditation...

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6 Month Review

Six months have come and six months have gone. While I am not on my original schedule, I have to look where I’ve come. I’ve been able to memorizeJames1 Peter 1-4 (can’t remember if I did ch 5 or not)2 Peter...

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Mid-June Update

As you notice the memorization side of things came to a screeching halt.  I became overwhelmed and off track.  Lately though I’ve been using the time for more meditation.  Some of the last few posts are ones...

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The last couple of weeks I have been knocked way off track.  I got behind and took a break for a bit.  Actually it’s been kind of good to do so.  I’m still definitely in the learning process.  The...

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The Real Test

As you see I’ve been a few days without posting.  The real test has begun.  Schedule is taking its toll on my body.  BUT, even though I’ve missed a few day so of memorization and I’m very rusty...

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20-30-10 Review

The 20 days of consecutive reciting of each chapter is perfect, but I think the 30 days off is too many.  Going to rethink how this is all structured.  I think I’ll try 20-15-10–Twenty days of reciting a...

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