To the saints reading this:

Yes, you are a saint.

Now probably when you heard this or if I were to introduce you to someone as a saint, you would probably say, “Who me?  Not me.  I’m not saint.”  It’s our reflex action.

But how much value is there in calling each other for who we are?  Reminding each other regularly of this special nature that we now have because of Christ.


It has this heavenly feel of angels, choirs and light.  It has a feel of godliness with righteousness and holiness and perfection.

And all of this is true — for us.  In Christ.

It’s so easy to see our sinfulness and get discouraged.  And easy to believe that’s all that others see as well.

But if we were to remind ourselves regularly that we are saints?

And even refer to each other as saints?

When it comes to each other we’re not dirt diggers but gold-miners. Scripture says we should speak words that build each other up (1 Thess 5:11).

We need to practice thinking of ourselves as saints.  Using it in our words about our selves.  Believing the truth of this new righteousness we have.

It’s not egotistical.  It’s actually quite humbling.  And holy.

A new meditation.

A new practice.

I might try it.