I’ve been between churches lately.  My former pastor left and I had a clear word of the Lord it was a season to change churches.

It’s strange “church shopping.”  Most churches and church practices where I’m from revolve all around the preaching.  Who is the better preacher and such.  And surprisingly, I”m finding a whole host of great preaching.

But also during this time I’m reading through Exodus and how Moses talked to the Pharoah about going into the desert.  He asked Pharoah that the people leave to offer sacrifices and offerings.  When Pharoah said “Go, but leave your livestock,” Moses said, “No, we need them for worship.”

Sacrifices and offerings.

Sacrifices were those things given to atone for sins.

Offers were gifts to the Lord.

They went to meet together to worship the Lord.

We live in a church culture where that phrase is not heard so much.  Maybe it’s because last night on tv the nightly news talked about a church that just wanted to “worship the Lord” but was having some kind of challenge.  It struck me as a beautifully unique phrase, and yet I’ve served the Lord my whole life.

Sometimes church becomes the place “where I get fed.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told if I didn’t feel like I was getting fed, I needed to leave.

It also becomes about giving an offering for the minister and the ministries of the churches.  Which is good and Biblical, but there’s an element of worship that feels a bit side-lined.

Sacrifices and offerings.  Worship.

Sacrifice is the place of gratitude.  In Jesus.

Offering is the place of giving.  Not getting.

Worship.  It about Him who is greater.

I would love to see these themes and this terminology back in our worship.  Not that I want to see sacrifices again as Jesus was our ultimate sacrifice.

But I want to get back to the place where church is first and foremost about worship.  Not what I get out of it.  Not doing my duty.

But Worship.