Sometimes we have a Plan B when things get hard, we’ll default to Plan B.  In some situations this is Ok.  But in walking with the Lord and in the call of God, not so much.

Elijah was soon to leave this earth as his days were ending, so it was time to name a prophetic successor.  The Lord spoke to him and said to anoint Elisha.

It reminds me of Reinhard Bonnke in a way.  He had a call to preach the gospel as a young man.  One day he was walking the streets and came upon a house with a name of a famous evangelist who had preached many years previous.  Curious, he went up to the door and asked if this was the house of that particular evangelist.  The wife said it was but he was sick, dying and unavailable.  But the old evangelist invited him in.

When Reinhard came in, he mentioned that he had a call to Africa.  Immediately the old man drug them both to their knees and prayed that Reinhard would receive the anointing that had been given to him.  Hours later the old man passed away, but he did so successfully praying blessing over a successor.

Of course this was thousands of years after Elijah, but Elijah too had a prophetic call and was to pass it on to a successor whom the Lord showed–Elisha.  When Elijah found Elisha, he was in the fields plowing.  Elijah walked by and threw his mantle (cloak) over him, which was a sign that he was bestowing upon Elisha all that he had been given.

Elisha then requested to go back and kiss his father and mother goodbye.  Elijah granted him permission.  So he ran back, kissed his parents goodbye, then he took the wooden yoke and plow and chopped it up.  He built a large fire and sacrificed the oxen that he had used for plowing.  Then he gave a great celebration for all to eat.  Then he left and “followed Elijah and served him” (1 Kings 18:21).

Elisha burned his bridges.  No going back.  And then he served Elijah.

When one serves another, it’s often in the mundane.

It makes me think again of Reinhard Bonnke.  He was getting on in years in leading crusades throughout Africa and needed someone to help in the travels of his evangelism crusades.  He found a young man sweeping floors in the shipping room of his ministry–Daniel Kolenda.

As Daniel served Reinhard, he realized that this young man was God’s chosen to be his successor.  He gave more and more preaching responsibilities and when the time was ripe, the ministry was handed over to him.  Daniel know preaches the gospel to millions.  But it came out of him sweeping floors and moving bags and serving in the mundane.

Burning your bridges so that there is no going back.

Serving another in the mundane.

It’s a good way to go after the things of God.