David met a Navy Seal and had him killed for nothing.

So Uriah wasn’t a modern day Navy Seal but he definitely was an ancient one.  He was a valiant warrior and when pulled from the line, he didn’t go home to eat, drink, and be with his wife.  No way.  His brothers were on the frontlines and he was not going to give himself that pleasure while his brothers were suffering.

David tried harder and got him drunk.  And even in his drunkenness, Uriah was not going to go home.  No way.  He was in control of himself even when he was drunker than skunk.

So David sent him to the frontline, had the men withdraw, and Uriah was killed.

Why did David do this?

Because when kings are to lead their troops in battle, David didn’t.  He stayed home.

When he accidentally saw a beautiful woman bathing, he gave in to the power of being king and the lust of the flesh with this woman.  He slept with her since her husband was gone and she became pregnant.

Then David took Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife and married her.  Perhaps to quickly cover up that the baby was his.

The Scriptures say that what David did was nothing short of evil.

The Lord confronted David in a strong way and David repented.  But that didn’t take away the consequences.  The baby of Uriah’s wife died.

After the baby died, David slept with her again and she would conceive again.  This son, even though he had many other sons, would become king.  They would name him Solomon.

No king is above the Lord.  Even one in whom the Lord finds great favor.