Scripture Memorization Made Possible

(Because it IS Possible!)

Our brains are wired to memorize every single day.  It’s why we can find our way to the grocery store every time, find our way home and even remember our phone number.  It’s not that we can’t memorize, it’s that we need methods that line up to the way that our brains think.  This book doesn’t offer a new method but rather one that has been used for centuries until rote came along.  Rote being repetition, repetition, repetition until matter is memorized.  Learn from this book how the brain stores information and when you do, you’ll be able to memorize and RETAIN large portions of Scripture.  This book is priced at the lowest price that Amazon allows in order to reach the masses.


“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly” (Col 3:16).

Letters Home:  Galatians

Experience the captivating story of the Apostle Paul and his ministry to Galatia told through a series of letters he writes to his long-time friend, Silas. Beginning in Antioch of Syria, Paul and Barnabas are commissioned by the Holy Spirit during a worship and fasting meeting. Their journey takes them first to Cyprus and then unexpectedly to Galatia, where they preach the gospel with great fruit – and great resistance. They later return to Antioch celebrating the victories of God’s including the Gentiles in salvation.

Soon after, problems break out in Jerusalem and Paul and Barnabas go to address them, not yet knowing that these same issues will erupt in Galatia. When he hears that agitators are leading them away from the gospel, Paul crafts an emergency letter to warn them, instruct them, and provoke them to come back to the truth of the gospel.

Weaving the Scriptures found in the book of Acts and Galatians, this story will enrich your understanding of Paul’s extraordinary teaching and missionary witness to the Galatians.