Last night I came (once again) to the point where I was “beyond what I could endure.”  And I was wondering about the miracles of God.  I have seen them often in the normalcy of life.  Much welcomed and received.  And it seems in harder seasons they are slower to come.  But then again maybe not.  Maybe my eyes are not as open.  Because if I look back I do see them and his many kindnesses.  It’s just that I am longing for relief from my pressure now.

And I remembered how one person told me that “the teacher is silent during the test.”  But honestly it didn’t help much.

But then I remembered.  Or maybe it was brought to my mind.  Or perhaps it was the Lord.

“Do I have enough strength for today?  Can I get through today?  Tonight?”

I thought for a moment.

Yes, I can get through one more day.

And that’s all that God asks.  For today.

Daily bread.

I don’t know about the future.  Or tomorrow.  Or a few days from now.

I’m so wiped out at such deep levels and years of exhaustion I feel like I can hardly move.

But there was enough strength I could make it through today.

Thank you Lord.