I was thinking tonight of how important it is for us all to not just have the Word in our hearts but also in our hands and in our eyes.  The thought of “baptized eyes” struck me–to see things how God sees them.  That the thoughts of our mind would affect how we look at life.

The other night I fell into an emotional pothole.  Like many others, my life has barely resembled anything like I had hoped and dreamed.  And instead of looking at what God has done, I began to look at what hasn’t happened.  If I live a normal life spam I’m more than half way through this race of life.  The bottom of the pothole hurt.  Tears fell down my face.

Then I began to focus on what God has done.  It hasn’t looked at all like I wanted.  But he has done good things regardless.  Extraordinary things actually.  Way beyond what I could have asked or imagined.

So even with the ache of dreams and hopes slipping through my fingers, God has still filled my hands with good things.  At times, even better things.  And that’s what I want to see.

But to see it will take my eyes getting baptized.