Day and night the deceiver, satan, accuses you and I, the children of God.  And day and night, I can just imagine Jesus smiling and saying, “my blood covers it.”  For as many times as satan would like to accuse us, Jesus has the simple solution, “My blood.”

The problem comes when we listen in on those accusations and start to believe them.

“You’re God’s leftover.”

“God does miracles for others but not for you.”

“You don’t matter much to other people unless they can use you.”

“You’re unwanted.”

“What’s the point of your life?”

“You’re failing.”

And as the words of the accuser are whispered into our ears, I can hear Jesus looking at us, saying, “Remember my blood!”  “My blood!”

His blood covers it all.  His blood at the cross was when God’s greatest love for us was demonstrated.  His blood says we matter enough that someone would give our life for us.  Not just for a one time occasion but to cover everything, so we can have unhindered love in the future.

So when we’re hearing the thoughts of accusation roll in our heads, we must remind ourselves…

His blood tells a different story.