David’s reign was about battles, warefare, fighting and getting established.  But because of that work, there was no peace in the land.  That peace enabled Solomon to do what his father dreamed about–building a temple for the Lord.

Solomon then exchanged letters to the Sidonians in Tyre and asked for their cedars, the very best in the world.  Then he also sent conscripted labor to help with the quarrying of massive stones.  Stones even to this day are cut so finely and placed so perfectly that they are engineering enigmas and marvels.

It was with great cost and extraordinary quality that Solomon began to build the temple.  It wasn’t that God needed a place, but it was in the heart of David to honor God this way.

When I think of this it was really something that was in the heart of David.  It was something he dreamed of doing.  The Lord said yes to the dream but someone else, his son, was to fulfill it.

Sometimes it is indeed the way of God.  We may have the dream and want to fulfill it ourselves, but sometimes the Lord gives the task to another for various reasons.  It may be hard to receive this sometime, but the Lord still hears our dreams.

Without going into specifics my grandmother had a dream for her life.  Due to the times and season she was in personally and historically, she was not able to fulfill the desires of her heart.  So she went home, married, raised children and tried to still support the best she could what was in her heart that others were doing.

Then along came a grandchild, me.  And I was able to fulfill some of my calling, not realizing that it was also the dream of my grandmother.  While she did not get to live it out herself, a part of her desire for the Lord has been lived out in me.  It was only many years later that I understood this.  It’s a privilege and honor.  The Lord heard her.  As well as me.