Last night I took up getting through a section that I’ve been stuck on for way too long.  It’s not exactly the most uplifting section (Woe!  Woe!) but I was able to get through Mt 23:1-15.  I’ll blog on it later.

While I haven’t been able to stay on track this year, I’ve been able to memorize over 22 chapters.  That’s far more than if I would’ve never started!  So I’m not discouraged but actually encouraged.   May pace not be fast but I’m still plowing through.

My biggest concern is to figure out a way that it isn’t just memorizing, but rather absorbing.  I want the truth to go deep and not just be like the Pharisees that I’m reading about.  Easier said than done when memorizing great volume.

The nice thing about memorizing volume is that different Scriptures come to mind in time of need.  Also, who knows if we’ll ever be placed in position where we don’t have any Scriptures to refer to?