Last night I was getting ready to review the Scriptures I’ve learned (Ps 1-3, James 1-2) when it came to me that part of the reason the Scriptures were getting boring and mundane is because that I was treating them as such.  When I went to review them, I rotely recited them fast and in a blah, blah manner.  I felt like the Lord showed me last night that I need to review and recite the Scriptures in a posture and tone that is fresh and honors the Lord.

When a musician stands up at a concert, they’ve probably sung that song a couple of hundred times, but to honor the people, they sing it as if it were the very first time.  In doing so they often find a connection with the music.  When someone you love tells you kind words about you, if they say it to you in a blah, boring, monotone way, it doesn’t connect and receive.  This is the same with Scripture.  If I am reciting and reviewing it by just speeding through it in a monotone way, it loses something and is not as honoring as it could be.

So last night I got on my knees and recited the Scripture in a way that felt from the heart and meaningful.  It did indeed make a difference.  Definitely got to add that to my list of things learned.  Here’s the other part of the list:

1)  Ask God how many verses a day for you to memorize
2)  Review throughout the day.  Ps 1 says “day and night.”  A quick memorization right before you go to bad loses impact.
3)  When reviewing the Scripture outloud or in your mind, make the intonation and tone meaningful.  It honors the Word and somehow finds a way to connect to your own heart and spirit.