And there was evening and there was morning and it was the first day… we’ll see how she goes.

Method:  With every complaint or words spoken with a spirit of complaint, the purple band on my wrist must be switched to the other wrist and I must start over again.

Goal:  To string together 5 days of no complaining within the next 40 days.

Thoughts:  Dear people, if you’ve never tried this, don’t even laugh at how “easy” 5 days is or think that you really don’t complain much.  I dare you to join me even for a few days!  (Gotta use the band though.)  🙂

7:48 am–So far so good.  If I can make it 42 more minutes without switching the band on my wrist, I will have made it farther than last time (Scroll down after clicking:  40 Days of No Complaining.)

8:45 am–Made it longer than last time.  Granted I’ve only spoken about 5 sentences this morning.  I’m off to some training here in about 10 minutes so we’ll see how it goes when I actually have to be around others.  🙂

2:45 pm — I’ve had about 6 switching of wrists so far.  One of them I was stating my opinion that the kitchen here is too expensive to check out.  I wrestled whether this was a complaint or not and decided it was.  I was not asked my opinion and it was not a necessary comment to the discussion.  :/ 

8:24 pm–This evening I was so busy I am not sure if I complained or not.  That’s Ok.

Lesson Learned:  First I need to have a stronger desire to make this work.  I need greater intentionality and not just “Ok, I’ll flip the band.”  But I did stop myself several times from complaining so there are at least 3 fewer complaints in the air.  🙂