We love movies that speak about honor.  They inspire us to greater things.

And today I was taken again by the honor Jesus walks in.

A groom is celebrating the most important day of his life, but he is poor and is about to be shamed in front of his new wife, his new in-laws, and everyone.  Shamed that he can’t provide like a man should.  That is, until Mary stepped in.

“They have no more wine,” Mary said to Jesus (Jn 2:3).

“Dear woman, why do  you involve me?” Jesus replied.  “My time has not yet come.” (Jn 2:4)

We haven’t yet read of any miracles.  Other than perhaps the calling of Nathaniel.  But Mary had hope that Jesus had answers.  And love.

She probably NEVER expected Jesus to turn water into wine.  But he did.

And he saved that man’s honor.

The very next thing we read is that Jesus went to Passover and found that worship and business had collided.  This time it was the honor of God that he stood for.  He hastily made a whip and proceeded to violently eject the businessmen from the temple.  No nice discussions.  Just overturned tables and flying leather.  Cattle, sheep and doves scattered and coins from money-changers spilled on the ground.  God’s honor was at stake among the followers of God.

It’s not too much later that we ready about Jesus and the Samaritan floozie woman.  Honor had probably been something she had never experiences as she went from one man to the next.  Not honor from the men nor honor from the community.  Jesus calls her to account for her sin.  He doesn’t ignore it.  But he doesn’t condemn her.  He invites her to something new.  In fact, she is one of the few people Jesus tells plainly when asked if he is the Messiah, “I who speak to you am he” (Jn 4:26).  He honored her.  A woman he culturally wasn’t even supposed to speak to, so much so that even his disciples were surprised.

Honor acknowledges the truth about a person, but invites them to greatness.  It doesn’t see the dirt so much as it mines for the gold that is in every human being.


I’m thankful that this is the way of Jesus.  And the way he honors others, means he also honors me.   Calling me to greater things.  Call me to the greatness he has put in me.

I’m encouraged.