Like we said in the last post, a song written to testify against a people is very unusual indeed, but here it is in Chapter 32 of Deuteronomy.  This is the summation.

  • God is faithful, righteous and true.
  • But his people have acted corruptly toward him
  • The Lord treasured Israel and let him out of harsh land, carrying him upon wins and settling them in the beautiful land that was rich and abundant
  • But Israel became fat and rebelled and turned to other gods
  • The Lord saw this and his his face from them
  • And the Lord brought to them disasters instead of blessings
  • Israel lacks understanding and has forsaken wisdom
  • The Lord will again have compassion on them
  • I will take vengeance on their enemies
  • The Lord will purify His land and His people

So there it is, the song of testimony.  In a way, it was a song of prophesy in what would happen to Israel.  But even in their hardship, it ends with the hope that when the Israelites had their fill of the gods and found them as empty as they were, that God would be there even in that place, ready to restore them.