I’ve been putting this off for awhile.  Oh, I’ve had my excuses.  Moving.  Setting up a new place.  Trying to put together a training program.  Anything to ward off what I know to be the next 40 day challenge.  Ward off because I know the extent of the problem.

Imagine:  40 days of no complaining about anything or anyone

Sound easy?  Try it for yourself. 

It begins with a purple wrist band.  They sell them at some church in Kansas where it was originally promoted (check out the Today show host trying to do this challenge).  I’m not going to use one of theirs.  Ironically (cough, sputter) I found a purple rubber band in my dresser.   Seriously?  Come on, who makes purple rubber bands?

So every time I hear myself complaining about something or someone, the band gets switched from one wrist to the other.  How many days is the goal? Well the original church challenge was for 21 days.  It just took an average of 3-7 months for people to string that together.  To be that intentional that long would be…well…long.  Is that a complaint?

My goal is to see if in 40 days I can string together at least 7 consecutive days without a complaint.  God help me.  And if you’re anywhere near me, I invite you to help as well (in case I complain and don’t realize it).  Even better yet, see if you can make it through one day of no complaining.  Surely there’s got to be a purple rubber band in your drawer too…