Some little discoveries I had tonight.  I went on a 40 day fruit and vegetable fast (during the book fast) and since then I’ve really not wanted to go back to all the other junk.  My endurance is better, I feel better and eating well is just…better.  And for the most part I’m not eating all that bad stuff again (although at this very moment I am taking a slight deviation).  But more importantly when I was at the store, for a moment my mind wanted some kind of junk to eat, mainly for comfort.  I’ve worked 10 days straight, have 2 to go, and I’m wanting comfort in this tiredness.  But I realized I didn’t so much want food anymore as comfort, I just want a hot shower.  Imagine that, more righteous forms of comfort have become my craving.  Very cool.  Additionally I haven’t wanted to read much other than the Bible.  I’ve longed to keep that desire.  I hope that these things remain as I really am liking the fruit.