If you read about a month ago, you will know that I asked the Lord how many verses to memorize a day and I felt he told me 3.  So far it has gone well.  Three verses gives me the ability to meditate (which I don’t always do to the extent that I want) but also to memorize well the texts.  Some paragraphs have 4 verses and some 2 verses so when that happens, I memorize that amount so as not to break up the continuity of the flow of thought.  Other than though I am sticking with 3 and am happy about it.  I feel like there’s definite potential for longevity.  Last time I made it through March before I hit the wall.  So this will in many ways be a test to see if it really was the number of verses that was the problem, or personal motivation. 

I also have recently felt that the Lord said to review each chapter 20 times.  Each day I review several chapters.  It doesn’t take long and it actually does solidify it in my mind over and over.  Also I begin to see new things as well as old things I really don’t understand.  What I wonder about next is when to come back to a chapter after I’ve reviewed it 20 times (1x/day) and let it sit for awhile.  I think it’s important to let it sit, but also important to return to it.  I pray the Lord will show me. 

So far I’ve memorized Ps 1-3 and James 1-3.  As of yesterday I started in on ch 4 of James.  Chapter 3 is still a bit rough in the review process but it’s only been a couple of days of reviewing it all.